Laser Toe Fungus Removal

  • Quick in-office procedure
  • Safe & effective treatment
  • Virtually painless procedure with no downtime from regular activities
  • Alternative to prescription medications*

Do your nails appear to be yellow, brittle or thickened?

If so you may suffer from onychomycosis, a condition also known as toenail fungus. Until now, the only solutions for toenail fungus were to surgically remove the nail, apply topical treatments, which have poor success rate; or more recently, prescription medications, which have many potentially dangerous side effects.*

Before & After*

toe fungus

*Your results may not exactly match the Before & After results shown on this page. Every individual is different and results will vary. These are photos of actual patients of Dr. Neil C. Goodman at New Radiance Cosmetic Center. (see site footer for full disclaimer)1

The CoolTouch CoolBreeze laser treatment can effectively rid your toenails of unsightly toenail fungus in as little as one or two treatments, depending on the severity of the condition. The mid-infrared laser wavelength penetrates the nail, eliminating the destructive fungus that causes the infection and revitalizing your nail as it grows out.

Why choose the CoolBreeze laser treatment?

CoolBreeze is an effective, quick treatment that provides results. CoolTouch the manufacture of the CoolBreeze laser is a pioneer in the laser industry with over 16 years experience in the esthetic and surgical medical device industry.

What to should you expect at your first visit?

Your toenails will be cleaned and filed prior to the laser treatment. As each toe is treated with the laser you will feel a mild, warming sensation immediately followed by a burst of cooling spray. The laser treatment will take about 20 minutes to treat both feet and there is usually no discomfort after the treatment. The physician will discuss post-treatment care to avoid fungal re-infection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about the CoolTouch Laser.

The CoolTouch CT3 laser is currently FDA cleared1 to treat acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. The CoolBreeze mode is an exciting adaptation of the CoolTouch CT3 laser that has been shown to effectively treat toenail fungus in clinical trials (FDA clearance is pending). Invisible infrared light beams are used to safely treat fungal nails with no adverse side effects. After thousands of treatments I can tell you that the effectiveness of the laser treatment is really dependent on the severity of your nail condition and successful outcomes range from 60%-90%. The best way to determine whether you would be a good candidate is to schedule a consultation.

How does the laser work?

The Laser kills the fungus that lives in and under the toenail by use of 1320nm infrared light. The laser light passes through the toenail without causing damage to the nail or the surrounding skin. The Cool Touch Laser uses temperature monitoring to ensure safe treatment of the nail with minimal to no discomfort.

How soon will I see results?

(This question applies to ALL lasers currently in use)

At the time of the procedure, the toenail will not become instantly clear. It will take time for the previously infected nail(s) to grow out and the new nail to form. This can take 6 to 12 months depending on the rate of growth of the toenail. The average toenail grows 1-2mm monthly. Often times you will see early clearing of the nail as it regrows (as soon as 8 weeks).*

Is there a way to tell if I am a good candidate for treatment and if I qualify?

This is one of the best questions I have ever been asked. The truth of the matter is that not everyone that needs laser treatment is a candidate for treatment. You may fill out my laser nail fungus email analysis form and I will have a much better idea of the condition of your nails. Also, it may be necessary to send a sample of your nail to confirm whether there is a fungal infection or not. A thick or discolored nail is not always caused by fungus.