Smart Liposuction will remove 20-40 times more fat than CoolSculpting  for the same cost or less.*

For Totally Non-Invasive fat Reduction NOW there is SculpSure!

CoolSculpting After Treatment*

CoolSculpting compared to Smart Liposuction and SculpSure

So you have heard “Freeze the Fat” and CoolSculpting and you want to know, Is it for me?, How much fat can CoolSculpting remove?, Will it give me the body I want?, How long until I see Results?, Does it also tighten skin? Well, here is the real not so skinny about CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is specifically those individuals with a very small amount of “localized” fat. The reason for this is because the largest CoolSculpting applicator treats an area “the size of a stick of butter” (about 4 ounces of fat or 100 cc/ml). Of the fat treated ONLY “up to 23%” dies and eventually goes away. So, let’s say you get 2 large applicator treatments and 2 small applicator treatments for a total of $4,250 (local area average cost). After waiting 3-6 months for results, there may be 80 ml of fat gone….That’s less than 3 ounces of fat…at a staggering cost of $1333 per ounce of fat removed!
Conversely, an average Smart Liposuction case at New Radiance with Dr Neil Goodman removes 2.8 liters of fat. That’s almost 6 1/2 pounds of fat removed…. at a cost of $43 per ounce of fat removed! Not only is that 35 times more fat removed than CoolSculpting but Smart Liposuction removes all the problem fat in the areas treated. Additionally Smart Liposuction also tightens skin, something that CoolSculpting can’t claim. With Smart Liposuction you walk in and walk out with the body of your dreams and unlike CoolSculpting there is no waiting 3-6 months for results!*
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Cost Comparison – 35 times more Fat is removed in one average Smart Liposuction case than with similarly priced CoolSculpting treatments!
Smart Liposuction – Average Case at New Radiance = 2800 cc (2.8 liters) Cost $4500 – $5000
CoolSculpting – 2 large applicators & 2 Small Applicators = 80 cc ( 0.08 liters) Cost $4500 – $5000
Side by side results can’t compare – Smart liposuction eliminates much more fat than CoolSculpting. And with Smart Liposuction you walk in and walk out and the fat is gone…for good! Don’t wait 3-6 months to see results*

SculpSure Palm Beach- Laser Fat Reduction

A New completely non-invasive FDA Cleared Laser treatment1 for fat reduction without Surgical Incisions, Anesthesia or Downtime has been clinically proven to be more effective at reducing fat than Cool Sculpting at half the cost and in a fraction of the treatment time! – Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to the body you have always wanted!*

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CoolSculpting Cost*

3 areas- Abdomen and Sides – 2 Cycles for a 40 -45% Total Reduction of fat treated

2 Abdomen Treatments at $1350 each Total $2700
2 Love Handle Treatments $650 per side (4 Treatments) total $2600

CoolSculpting Cost Total for 2 areas $5300

Smart Liposuction Cost*

Abdomen and Sides – 85% Total Reduction in Fat

1 Abdomen Treatment Total $2500 Base cost first area
1 Additional area (Both Love Handles Treated) $1000

Smart Liposuction Cost Total for 2 areas $3500

Saving Over CoolSculpting $1800

Liposuction Before and After Photos*


*Your results may not exactly match the Before & After results shown on this page. Every individual is different and results will vary. These are photos of actual patients of Dr. Neil C. Goodman at New Radiance Cosmetic Center. (see site footer for more information)*

Smart Liposuction*

With Dr. Neil Goodman’s Smart Liposuction at New Radiance up to 4 liters of fat (4000 ml) can be removed. New Radiance is a Joint Hospital Commission accredited facility and therefore is allowed to remove up to 4 liters of fat during a liposuction procedure by Florida Law, most facilities are not accredited and therefore can remove only up to 1 liter during any case substantially limiting results.

Unlike other procedures, Smart Liposuction can remove enough fat to achieve the body sculpting result desired in the areas treated. Another important advantage is that unlike CoolSculpting, there is no waiting around for 3-6 months or coming back for a second treatment.

If you are seeking a solution to bothersome fat deposits unresponsive to diet and exercise, SMART LIPOSUCTION is the answer plus it tightens skin magnificently, something that CoolSculpting doesn’t even claim to do. Smartliposuction removes unwanted fat utilizing the latest advancements in laser technology and does so at a fraction of the cost of CoolSculpting. Ounce per ounce of fat removed their is no comparison, Smart Liposuction leaves CoolSculpting in the Ice Ages.*

Smart Liposuction delivers the most effective fat removal and cellulite treatment available today. No other cosmetic surgery procedure comes close. Regain your figure now with laser body sculpting that you have to see to believe.*

What is old fashioned Liposuction? Initially, liposuction meant undergoing general anesthesia in an OR, which caused increased risk and thus the procedure was also more costly. It also required long recovery period. But, times have changed and so has the process. Patients can now get Smart Liposuction and walk out the same day with minimal recovery.*

If you are seeking a solution to bothersome fat deposits unresponsive to diet and exercise, Smart liposuction works brilliantly and tightens skin magnificently.*

  • Sculpts body, removes fat & tightens skin*
  • Walk in, walk out – back to work in a day
  • Safe, quick and easy – only local anesthesia needed
  • Cellulite may be substantially reduced during procedure*
  • Results are Stunning – See our before and afters!*

Smart Liposuction combines two procedures in one – Smart liposuction and laser skin tightening to deliver the most effective fat removal (up to 4 liters removed) and cellulite treatment available today. No other cosmetic surgery procedure comes close. Regain your figure now with laser body sculpting that you have to see to believe!*

Who is CoolSculpting designed for?

CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ is designed to remove small areas of fat deposits in “trouble spots” and is only for those with a mild amount of extra fat and people whose fat deposits are localized. CoolSculpting is designed for spot treatment of areas and claims to remove 20-25% of fat from a specific area 2-6 months after treatment.

Patient charges for the smaller applicators (CoolCore and CoolCurve+) range from $600-750 per cycle. For the larger applicator (CoolMax), patient charges range from $1200-$1500/per cycle, similarly priced to two treatment areas with a smaller applicator. Patients average 8 treatments each, but need 10 or 12 when seeking liposuction-like results without surgery. Each treatment typically causes a 20-25% reduction in the size of the bulge treated, but an area may be treated more than once for incremental bulge reduction. If you do the math this results in some huge costs. Liposuction-like results with 10-12 cycles at either $600-750 per cycle for the small applicator or $1200-$1500/per cycle for the larger applicator (CoolMax) is more than double the cost of Smart Liposuction with Dr. Neil Goodman.

Smart liposuction, on the other hand can can sculpt the body and totally remove all unwanted fat from an area and does so at the time of the procedure PLUS it tightens skin to boot. So what should you choose?

Coolsculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is non-surgical device that uses controlled cooling to destroy some fat cells for body fat reduction but has no skin tightening effect. An area treated with CoolSculpting may get up to a 20% reduction of fat at the site where it is administered which therefore will require multiple treatments over an extended period of time. CoolSculpting results can take up to 6 months and the procedure can be costly. With Smartlipo Ultra all the fat that you want removed can be removed from that area. You don’t have to wait months and you don’t need to come back because only 25% was removed and that was not enough to achieve the result you desired.*

3 Myths about CoolSculpting

Myth 1: CoolSculpting is a Quick Fix. The actual procedures only take about two hours per area (an hour on the area plus before and after) but several areas may need to be treated so time is dependant on the total number of areas but as far as results, don’t expect to walk out skinny. Patients may not see start to see results for a few months and full results which may take up to 6 months after the procedure. Many patients report that the first treatment does not produce much as far as results given that a total of 20% reduction is shown as per the research and a second course of CoolSculpting treatments are then needed.

Myth 2: It’s an eat more Food Pass. CoolSculpting freezes 20% of the fat cells in a treated area while leaving 80% of the healthy cells in that area behind. Increasing dietary intake will simply allow those fat cells left behind to increase in size and replace the volume …. basically replacing any lost fat.

Myth 3: It Will Lift the Sag, Tighten Skin and Sagging Areas. Not to be confused skin tightening technologies such as Laser liposuction, CoolSculpting simply cause some fat cells to die specified area but it will not do anything as far as lifting sagging skin. If a patient is already experiencing sag and turns to CoolSculpting the appearance of sag may become even more apparent.*

What is CoolSculpting?

As per RealSelf, “CoolSculpting is non-surgical device that uses controlled cooling to destroy fat cells by freezing them, thereby eliminating unwanted fat.”

CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is a non-surgical fat reduction device that uses cooling to eliminate fat cells, a process referred to as Cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting.

Clinical studies of CoolSculpting report an average of 20 percent fat loss per treated area. It does not work on obesity; rather Zeltiq is designed for spot treatment of areas such as love handles, back fat, bra rolls, and stomach rolls.

A typical CoolSculpting session lasts 60 minutes and costs approximately $600 -$700 for the small or $1400 per area for the large applicator, depending on applicator size.

During the procedure Coolsculpting pinches the fatty area between the CoolSculpting applicator arms. This applicator then delivers cools this fat to freeze the fat and kill the fat cells.

Fat is suctioned into a “paddle” and made very cold (just above freezing point), so that fat cells become irreparably damaged. It usually takes 1-3 hours per session, most areas require multiple sessions and it takes about 2 to 4 months to see results. Coolsculpting claims 20-25% reduction of fat in the localized treatment area and does not offer any skin tightening benefits.

What is Smart Liposuction?

Smart liposuction is advanced and perfected laser liposuction and offers a minimally invasive laser fat removal process that requires little to no recovery time and actually enhances and tightens your skin in the process.

Smart Liposuction removes unwanted fat utilizing the latest advancements in ultrasound and laser technology. No other cosmetic surgery procedure comes close!*