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Everyone is looking for ways to keep the pounds off year round, especially as a larger portion of our meals involve eating out. Not every restaurant you visit will include accurate calorie counts in fine print next to their items. And most servers would be a bit hard pressed to answer “Excuse me, do you know how many calories I’ll need to burn after eating this?” questions on the spot.

3 Simple Tips to Lose Fat Featured Image

What can I do help maintain a tight figure naturally?

First, we all know about dieting and how important it is to losing weight, and the tips you’ll find below are life style hacks that can make a difference in your weight.

1) Get More Sleep

Resting enough each night is important for many reasons, it helps your brains clear out the chemicals that build up during the day and affects everything from dementia to the common cold.

A sleep study also shows that getting less than 6 hours of sleep and more than 9 hours of sleep a night can contribute to gaining weight by increasing our appetite! (Sleep & Weight Gain Study)

2) Use Small Plates & Tall Glasses

Portion control is something of a brutal science. It’s tough to control how much we eat when are having our favorite dish or letting our kids indulge with a pizza (sometimes this is out of our control). So the next best thing is to trick our brains into eating less.

A subtle way to do this is to use smaller plates as our portion sizes will look bigger. A taller glass will also allow us to pour less of a drink and “feel” fuller. (Smaller Plate Study)

3) Be Stylish

Do you like to keep your morning sweats on all day? We all know how comfortable a pair of sweat pants feels on the weekends when we can just sleep in and enjoy the day. However, putting on styling clothes that fit our body while we eat can help us remember our weight loss goals and this could play a big part in life style management.

We hope you found these tips helpful and look forward to hearing from you personally. Our cosmetic center specializes in Smart Liposuction and we also encourage each of our patients to lose fat through diet and exercise in addition to any surgical procedures they might have.

When you still struggle with fat in Palm Beach, Dr. Goodman’s Liposuction could be the answer you’re looking for.

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