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    Schedule a Free Consultation Now with one of the Nation’s Top Experts! Dr. Neil C. Goodman and Dr. Fred Silvestri have performed over 8500 Body Sculpting Procedures!

    Simply fill out the Request on this page and we will contact you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Neil C. Goodman and FRed Silvestri! Based on vast knowledge and experience the cost for his procedures is thousands less than you will be quoted at other facilities and results will not compare. Let Dr Goodman and Silvestri personally show you before and afters of his patients who had bodies just like you and see their stunning results for yourself.

    Smart Liposuction is the Safest, Most Effective and Most Affordable Laser Lipo Body Sculpting available and it is up to 4 times more effective because 4 times more fat can be removed at a facility accredited by the Joint Hospital Commission.

    Dr. Neil Goodman and Silvestri are some of the Nation’s Top Liposuction Surgeons. We are in Palm Beach Gardens in New Radiance Cosmetic Center’s Joint Hospital Accredited Facility but have offices in Port ST Lucie, Wellington, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton. If you are seeking a solution to bothersome fat deposits unresponsive to diet and exercise, Smart Liposuction can removed enough fat to make your results spectacular. It works brilliantly and state of the art laser used during the procedure tightens skin to enhance results. Dr. Neil Goodman and Dr Fred Silvestri are Florida’s resident Experts.*

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